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Food trucks

To the editor:

I feel for restaurant owners just trying to make life a little easier on their patrons by installing a permanent “easy up” to provide outdoor seating and relief from the sun for their food truck operating just outside their brick-and-mortar business.

Construction of this silo seating area now needs building permits along with blueprints by an architect, and the real nail into this project will be waiting for an inspector to come out and do his job.

I harken back to the home deemed uninhabitable that dragged on for months because the building inspector was too “busy.” 

Now for the food truck ordinance.

Why not have one area in town where all mobile food trucks can serve their clientele without taking away business from brick-and-mortar shops? Alongside a city park is a great place.

The food trucks must apply for business licenses and have their trucks inspected for food handling cleanliness and even being mechanically sound to be operated on Marion streets.

Days of the week and hours of the day to operate — if they do not agree to these “Big Brother” rules, they will not be allowed to operate within city limits.

Just an outsider looking in on my favorite town.

Greg Bashem
Lancaster, California

Last modified July 4, 2024