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1 in 4 reject frontrunners, but just 10% vote

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A presidential primary election that cost an estimated $20,000 to $30,000 brought out only 567 voters Tuesday. Early and mail-in voters added 248 to that number. Overall turnout was just 10%, and in both parties, nearly a quarter of votes expressed a preference for someone other than the presumptive party nominee.

According to poll workers bringing ballots to the courthouse, turnout was disappointing.

Lou Coryea and Susan Watson, who brought Hillsboro ballots, said they calculated a 6% turnout.

“At one time, we had three in a line,” said Carol Callahan, who brought ballots from Burns. Burns’ 16% voter turnout was the highest in the county.

Florence poll worker Barb Creamer said workers saw an average of three voters an hour. She’d called people to remind them an election was taking place. Florence had an 11% voter turnout,

Poll workers from Goessel said an average of five to seven people an hour voted. Goessel’s turnout was 8%, matching Peabody’s turnout. Lincolnville poll workers said 31 people came to cast votes. Turnout was 6%. Marion polls saw 141 voters, for a turnout of 7%. Tampa’s voter turnout was 6%, with 25 voters.

Republican ballots gave voters a choice of Donald Trump, Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Ron DeSantis of Florida, and Ryan Binkley of Texas. DeSantis and Binkley suspended their campaigns before the primary.

In total votes, Trump got 518 or 75.18%, Haley got 117, DeSantis got 15, and Binkley got six. “None of the names shown” got 33 votes.

Democratic ballots included the names of Joe Biden, Jason Palmer of Maryland, Dean Phillips of Minnesota, and Marianne Williamson of California. In total voting, Biden got 94 or 77.69%, Palmer got one, Phillips got three, and Williamson got seven. “None of the names shown” got 16.

The state’s last presidential primary was in 1992. Party caucuses were done from 1993 to 2023.

Spencer said the state is supposed to reimburse counties their expenses. Statewide, expenses are estimated to be $5 million. Primary elections for other offices will be Aug. 6. The next general election will be Nov. 5.

Last modified March 21, 2024